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First Ukrainian 4K Channel on STN 7


Spacecom is happy to announce that the first Ukrainian 4K channel #NASHE HDR was recently launched on STN-7.

4K channels are growing steadily all over the world.  Jehuda Amir, VP Sales CIS at Spacecom: “4K television is a growth point for TV business and a must-have feature of the premium segment. I am very pleased that Ukraine is promoting this trend and that the first Ukrainian 4K channel is now broadcasting from our satellite. One of the factors that held back the growth of 4K channels is that they require large capacity, which has been expensive. Spacecom has intensified its efforts in developing satellite technologies to provide TV channels with sufficient capacity at a reasonable price. The Ukrainian channel’s appearance on STN-7 proves that we have succeeded.”

#NASHE HDR – Ukraine’s first 4K TV channel now available over STN 7 satellite at 4.0° west

The 4K TV channel is a part of the Ukrainian NASHE MEDIA Group. In spring 2019, the group plans to broadcast a second channel, the ETNO Channel, in 4K.

Technical parameters of TEST 4K:

STN-7 (4°W), frequency: 12.518 GHz, polarization: H, SR: 12500, FEC: 3/4, DVB-S2/8SPK, FTA.

The video transmission rate is 13-14 Mbps in HEVC (H.265). The audio transmission rate is approximately 380 Kbps (AAC). The broadcasts are in HDR mode.

Published by MEDIASAT